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Texas farm credit launches youth contest

Texas farm credit launches youth contest

Texas farm credit launches youth contest: A fresh initiative taken by Texas Farm Credit which is a virtual challenge, in order to boost up the present youth. The competition is all about uploading a audio-video which enlightens their agricultural project.
The prize for the winner is a portion of $20,000, which is really huge.

Now, what is the benefit of such a competition? This must be a question. Well, the tough times which
we are facing today has equally affected the youth. This Texas Farm Credit agricultural video is going to
support those youth who see their career in agriculture. Many stock shows, agricultural events, contests
etc. have taken a back seat this year. So, this push might uplift the youth during the present Covid-19

As we find in the words of Dustin McClendon, who is the Relationship Manager of Texas Farm, “This
employee driven initiative is our way of encouraging kids who are interested in agriculture to keep on
going”. He added more to it saying, “We want them to know that we understand they’ve had a tough
year, and we’re doing what we can to support them”.


Texas farm credit launches youth contest

Competition is open for the youth, ageing between 8-18 years (as of January 2020), only those who are
very much into agriculture. The residence of the participant should be within the Texas Farm Credit
territory or anyone in the family who is a customer of Texas farm credit. The age group has been further
divided into two more phase. One is the junior youth ageing 8-13 years, another is the senior youth
ageing 14-18 years.

Texas farm credit launches youth contest

The basic requirement of the video is that, it needs to be 2-3 minutes, along with answering a basic
question. The question is that, what is the youth’s past, present and future agricultural project and what
knowledge have s/he gathered from his/her experience. The youths who have participated are asked to
elaborate their project in wide terms. Also, they are going to share in that video what have they
achieved till that point of their career in agriculture and say in detail what’s their upcoming plans.

The deadline for this submission is till 11:59 pm 31st December 2020. The submissions should be done
electronically. One participant is allowed to enter only once. Further details, instructions, rules about
this competition along with the form for the contest is available –
No such specifications regarding the submission of the entries in this competition. It can be anything
related to agriculture, i.e, livestock, science research, equipment, production of food, welding, plant
growth, conserving wildlife etc. and many more of the participants’ choice. One and all entries are going
to receive the judgement from similar score card.

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After the entries are made, these will then be judged by the selected committee of members with the
usage of the contest scorecard in the showcase webpage presented. The judges are going to award
points on the basis of the demonstration, innovation, style, layout, content and structuring. All of these
will decide the winner of the Texas Farm credit youth contest.

The names of the competition winners are going to get announced by January 31, 2021. The top 8
names of the winner list are going to be awarded with the cash prize from the 2 age divisions. The 4H
club, FFA Chapter or any certified charitable foundation to receive donation on the choice of the top 5
winners respectively in two age divisions. If you want to find the detailed prize amounts, you will have to
visit the showcase website.

Texas farm credit launches youth contest

It is on the part of the Texas Farm credit who has taken the initiative of this showcase ag contest. It has
the idea of backing economically, 2% of their total annual income to the local communities every year.
This is the set goal of the passion programme of Texas.

The Texas farm credit economically supports agricultural operations, the business related to agriculture,
the real estate of rural and homes, along with which it also provides insurance services. The
headquarters is stationed in Robstown. The Texas is presently serving 100 Texas counties and has been a
part of the Farm credit system. The Farm credit system is a network which backs up rural living since
1916 in wide spheres within nation.

Here, in this article we have discussed about the youth programme that has been arranged on the part
of the Texas farm credit. Hopefully, the brief information has helped you. Please, do put a comment for
us in the comment box.


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