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State farm credit cards

State farm credit cards

The US Bank and the State farm bank jointly came down to a decision of providing banking products and
services to state farm customers with credit cards. These cards will help them do banking in different
branches of the US bank, ATMs and via any other certified source.

How does the state farm credit card work? Keep on reading this article, to find more about it.

State farm credit card bill pay

State farm credit cards make bill payments easier for all it’s customers. One may choose from a wide
range of payment options provided. The amount of payment which the user wants to make depends on
their own statement balance. As soon as, the user has made the minimum payment due from the credit
card, s/he is eligible to use it for any other bill payments.

In order to pay online, the customer will have to select the card and then payments for paying the bills.
The payments can be met also via phone and mail through the savings or checking account of the
customer. Hence, payment is easy with State farm credit cards.

State farm credit cards

State farm credit card rewards

Bill payments are made easier with state farm credit card, now it’s the time for receiving rewards. Any
authorized user of state farm credit card are eligible for gaining the state farm loyalty rewards points for
buying anything that is not returned. The points which are earned are calculated on the dollars spent,
that rounds itself to the nearest dollar and help you earn a point.

For every $1 spent, the reward, user earns as a point is 1 from any eligible purchase made using State
farm credit cards. These points can be redeemed as gifts through any authorised product of state farm,
for e.g. merchant gift cards, merchandise, travel etc. One, if wanted, may also transfer these rewards to
another state farm loyalty rewards account holders.

State farm credit card approval score

Mostly, all the credit card customers require approval for qualifying to receive that card. Similarly, state
farm credit card also follows few stringent rules before allowing it’s customers to get the credit cards.
The definite limit on the income, credit score and credit history is set on the approval of it.
The minimum credit score a customer requires is 670 or above. Below which, the state farm won’t
assign the user to receive the credit card. If you meet the approving score, then, congratulations! you
can avail the state farm credit card.

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State farm credit card reviews

The best thing about state farm credit card is that it boosts their customers with rewarding points which
can even be 3x for insurance premium payments and 1x for the rest payments. All these that too at no
annual fees. Till 25000 points redeemed, the customer won’t receive any bonus, but above that 25% and
this percent will keep increasing with the points.
The balance transfer fees makes this card a very useful one to it’s users. The balance transfer fees
charged are either 3% or $10 whichever is larger. This is the minimum transfer fee that a credit card
charges for balance transfers.

State farm credit card interest rate

The state farm credit card charges interest rates which are not very high and affordable to all of it’s
customers. Initially, for the first 12 months, the APR is totally 0%. But as time moves on, the APR starts
ranging between 14.24% – 24.24%.
The interest rate is variable for this card. If the bill payments are made on time, the interest rate can go
down and hence add this as a good appeal in the user’s credit history.
State farm credit cards
Close-up of human hand holding plastic card in payment machine

State farm credit card fee

The annual fee for state farm credit card is nil. Also, the over time limit fee is zero. The fees which are
charged for late payments is $35. The cash advance fee is $4 or $10, which ever is higher. The fees
charged for balance transfer is either $3 or $10, chosen as per the high limit. Maximum to be charged is
The transaction fee of foreign is $3 of each transaction in US dollars. There isn’t any overdraft fee or any
other card replacement fee. These are all the fees which are charged by State farm bank for the usage of
their credit card.

State farm credit card cash advance

The user of state farm credit card may use their card for cash advances. One may use the card for
protecting overdraft on a checking account, if allowed by the financial institution. The user is going to
receive a cash advance every time , this credit card is used to fund such overdraft.
The customers can also obtain cash advance using the state farm credit card for those goods that can be
converted to cash or something similar to it, e.g. travellers cheques, foreign currency, tax payments etc.
In the above article, we have discussed about the credit card which is provided by the state farm bank.
Along with that, much more have also been enclosed within this writing. We are grateful to help you
with certain information and if you find our write up useful for you, please do leave a comment in the
box for us.

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