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A Comprehensive article on FIST Act


Senate approves FiST Act

Approval was given by Senate on the third and the concluding reading on Nov 10 that was Tuesday, the presented FIST act or the full form, Financial Institutions Strategic Transfer.

The Bill number of Senate 1849 swiftly barricaded the Upper Chamber with the help of votes from senatorsthat was 18 in number. Also, there wasn’t any abstention or pessimistic votes. President Duterte certified the bill as the regaining measures on the part of government to overcome Covid -19.

This might permit the banks and other economic institutes to discharge it’s loans and assets which no longer performsbecause of the expectation of it’s rise coming next to pandemic. The economic managers under government authority told that this one might enable the banks to get rid of money and capital in order to enlarge excess credit, specially to the tiny businesses.

Senate Minority Leader Franklin noted that no senator interrogated on the law which was proposed and it’s contentscompletely reflected the place of the stakeholders who were in support to it.

It is the important measurethat gave the fact just the day, we got the information of the furthermore contraction of the economy of 11.5% for the 3/4th which recaptures way more tough and thus we might anticipate the want of the banking sector for some kind of assistance, as from the words of Drilon lauding Sen for guiding the bill.

Senator Grace Poe showed her acknowledgement towards her colleagues for supporting the measure. She is the chairperson of the Senate banks Committee.

Extraction from Poe’s own words, “ This is important for our economy and for the businesses and for our banks to maintain a healthy financial situation in our country… I’m very confident about the bill because thus has been scrutinised by the experts among our colleagues, Senator Drilon and Sen Ralph Recto for their guidance “, on the approval of the 3rd reading.

Under bill, the institutes which is covered below the Special Purpose Vehicle Act 2002 might be enlarged to have the lending unions and some other institutes that is authorised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, also, those companies which cover insurances so that they may carry out credit granting companies.

The transfers and sales which is to be put forward by FIST corporations towards regulatory monthly agencies, needs to be restrained in a database for the matter of proper observationand assessing the impacts of inducements achievement.

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In order to avoid abuse of a particular system, Poe mentioned that one-person corporations need to be forbidden to set FIST corporations on their own and also government economic institutes.

The participation from foreign in the sales of lands foreclosure has been disconnected and the Securities Exchange Commission and the Justice Department are given away the permission to look into the infringement, if any, of the Anti-Dummy Law.

In order to make sure that the economic institutes have good amount of time in hand for assessing the want to dump bad assets, the tenure of application has been expanded to 36 months for the assets which are non-performing as of December 31,2021, in the words of Poe.

She also mentioned that the approval of the borrowers will also not be anymore wanted “for clarity and to avoid any further litigation”, but the basic rights of the borrowers under the specified laws will not get eliminated.

For now, there will be 2-year and a 5-year allocated span of time for availing the fiscal incentives for all the transfers to FIST corporations from the economic institutes and from FIST again to a third force.

Poe advised that if anyone violates the law, s/he will be penalized either by suspension or cancellation of the approved FIST Corporation. Violation charges per day are, a fine of P10,000 to P1 million plus P2000. She also said that managerial punishment under the law is also going to get applied.

To get approved by the two houses of Congress, the bill will be taken to in the bicameral conference which is followed after approval in the Senate to come up with the final version.

This was all about Senate’s approval of FIST Act. Hope you enjoyed reading! Thank you for your virtual presence via reading this corner. Please ensure your presence with more strength by writing your mind in the comments section. Take care!


Source: FIST Act.


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