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Farm Credit Market Maker

Farm Credit Market Maker

Farm credit market maker innovation award 2020

Virtually the winner was announced, who won the 2020 farm credit market maker innovation award in the yearly meeting of food market maker. The meeting took place on the virtual platform due to the barriers created in this pandemic situation.

In a row, this is the 10th time, farm credit market maker has arranged for this award ceremony. It’s job is to acknowledge the hard works and the efforts of the local and state market maker programmes which surrounds the United States.  This gives them motivation to bestow towards the progress of local and zonal food systems that attach them to new market chances and opportunities.

The cash award is sponsored by Farm Credit  that is going to help the award wining winners maintain progress in their market maker programmes.

The beneficiary of the farm credit market maker innovation award programme 2020 was “engaging partners to enlarge effect and grow farms and business of food in Illinois”. This is a state wide cohesive effort of Illinois Farm Bureau ,  Illinois speciality growers and Illinois farmers market association which actually advertise, promote and encourage the Illinois market maker programme.

This important programme started off since 2018 initially with only 3 state partners which has increased to 6 partners in 2020. Along with this there are more 8 country level partners and also other 7 tiny non profit partners.

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Sooner in 2020, Illinois had become the first state level programme to make e-commerce successful through market maker innovation function. With the outbreak of corona virus, the group in a whole started to press a huge drive from the help of social media and email marketing that kingpins on registering and upgrading the local profiles of the market people. While the campaign was continuing, around 850 profiles and listings were renovated in the time span of March 1st to June 30ththat equals to 732% increase in this year in comparison to last year.

The title of first runner up was given to Buy Fresh Buy Local which is a web of local profiles which has been founded to curate local but fresh food guidelines, organizes events and even more. In post winter of 2020, BFBL Illinois, BFBL national and market maker landed together to attach to the consumers in better ways with chance in order to purchase the food that is grown within locality through newly formed website plug in.

While working with market maker, BFBL’s plug in of website made sure any BFBL chapter website to swiftly and comfortably  enhance a searchable map and the directory of the market maker associate members profile all at one go in a smooth running connection targeted to the directly related customers.

Farm Credit Market Maker

The senior vice president of Beginning Farmer and programme, Gary Matteson, outreached along with Farm credit council was completed virtually to announce and present the awards to beneficiaries.

Matteson remarked, “today’s market maker meeting may be virtual, but the work done by this year’s winners are real, helping farmers increase their online visibility and sales”. He further added to it, “ farm credit is proud to have sponsored this award for 10 years and pleased at the innovative solutions it has encouraged”.

Market maker has been highly strengthened from the co operative determination of partner organisations. In the words of Darlene Knipe who is the director and co-founder of Market maker, “This year’s award winners demonstrate what working together toward a shared vision and thinking creatively can achieve”. The high officials of Farm Credit appreciates for their hard work and congratulate 2020’s winners for this high pride achievement.

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Source: Farm Credit Market Maker.

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