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Credit Calculators

Credit Calculators:

Mostly, one and all famous banks have certain kind of credit card benefaction. In accordance to the Statista, the commercial card issuers in large numbers in the year 2019 were Chase, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, Bank of America, Capital One and Citibank. Although, American Express isn’t at all there in Statista list, it still remains one if the most popular alternative in many case in the industry of consultant.

The commercial card products also known as corporate card are methodically marked towards the incorporated businesses which have many employees and also expend upwards of $250,000 every year. For most tiny scale businesses, many financial institutions offer a small business credit card.

Shall I obtain a corporate card?

Are you thinking whether a corporate card product is beneficial tool for you? The way of considering this question is highly depending on the question maker whether s/he is managing finances of a company (business) or an employee


The corporate card provides numerous benefits for the businesses all around to allow it’s employees the power of purchasing and to manage the expenditures. The following are the benefits:

  • The employees have access to the credit lines.
  • The employees can be rewarded and also for many motivational functions or to downcast the costs.
  • The way of expenditure reporting and analysis becomes simpler.
  • It has a dominance on the expending programme of the employees.
  • With expense management system e.g. Concur, they may maintain integration.

These advantages may seem very simple to the employees when offered by your company at first attempt. Anyway, if any company wants to allow it’s employees purchasing power in the way of corporate card, the company will have to discuss with the management and the governance of this program.

At the time of issuing these cards to the employees, make sure that the business’ policy of expenditure has been well discussed and that the employees are aware forhen to utilise the card and also the types of expenses that is going to get charged to this corporate card must be established towards the employees.


If you are yourself an employee, this corporate credit cards may permit you to get hold of added purchasing power and with that card advantages. This card will validate you to help you separate your business and personal expenditure. Here are some benefits that a corporate card holder will enjoy if s/he is an employee.

  • Expenditure ease.
  • Difference between personal and business expenditure.
  • You may get an access to premium quality credit card advantages at very low or not cost at all.
  • Rewarding functions.

The ones who want the advantage of credit card rewards, for them, it is to inform that a corporate credit card proffers not so attractive rewards if compared to consumer cards which is pinpointed towards business travelers, in order to utilise the personal credit cards for business expenditure. But, some employers may need employees who are going to give in the expenses to utilise and hold corporate credit

There are many corporate policies concerning the utility of a corporate card. It has been seen that the policies which starts to range from a very hard requite that all business expenditure be charged to the corporate cards on an advice that the spending of the company on a corporate card as convenient. One needs to do a brief check up with the policy of the company in which s/he is appointed.

Want to know what does a corporate card offer?

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Personal or corporate liability

Not similar to personal credit cards, that is only liable for the expenditure on the card may change which depends on the policy and agreements which the card with holds. Here, it has been mentioned 3 categories under which the liability of card purchases fall.

  • In the case of corporate liability, the company itself is accountable for the changes in the card.
  • The card of an individual is accountable for all the purchase that has been charged to card and is answerable for pay back of the full bill every month.
  • In the case of joint liability, the cardholder as well as the corporation are accountable for the charges. If by chance any dispute or no re payment takes place, the issuer of the card may get hold of either of the two.

The liability on purchases on the card is highly depending on the card issuer, the function in which it is involved and also the bond. E.g. Capital one is offering cards that involves corporate accountability, while some other is dealing with some thing else. Visit credit calculators blog, here you can use the credit calculators and loan calculators.

Credit Reporting

Many issuers of the corporate cards do not report about the corporate balances or credit lines to the personal credit report.

The payment history or any added credit line wont get reported itself to the user’s credit reports. Well, if the user is having high scale balance from one month to the other, this may have it’s own benefit to the user. If anyhow you or any other user is an all time business traveler which also held lot of expenditures, at that time, having an account that has in it’s report, high utility of credit on the user’s personal credit, it
is never going to downcast the user’s credit score. Visit credit calculators blog, here you can use the credit calculators and loan calculators.


Personal Rewards

Well, some of the corporate credit card function provides rewards for each card holder as an inducement for the usage of the card for purchasing purpose of the business. The rewards program are almost alike to the consumer reward programme that a user is known with, for e.g., Thank you rewards, American Express Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards. Some of the examples are here :

  • The American Express Membership Rewards function provides to sole corporate card receivers is almost same as the personal membership rewards programme. The points involved in it can be passed on from personal to corporate cards and vice versa. The agreement between the company and American Express will decide the fees that is attached to it.
  • The Citi Bank provides with a reward function whose name is Thank you Rewards Programme for solitary corporate card holders. Each account has an annual fee attached to this programme that solely is determined based upon the agreement between the Citi and the company.

The points earned can be easily passed on from individual corporate rewards account and the user’s personal account. A fee is often interlinked with the rewards earned and that the rewards may be a case of forfeiture if one leaves his/her

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Business Rewards

A business owner? You’ll be happy to know that some issuers of corporate card provides with various reward functions that is surfaced on your / any owner’s cumulatively expenses throughout many corporate accounts of credit card. The accounts of rewards are centrally controlled and the business owner may decide how and if the owner makes use of the rewards in order to cut down expense or for providing any added motivation via incentives to the employees. The examples of some are:

  • You may earn reward points on various entitled purchases via American Express Corporate Membership card. A fee may be charged by American Express for one and all card that is also overlooked for some cards.
  • Statement credits, gift cards and travel rewards are provided by Capital One for the ones who are corporate card holders. Added to it, via Master card easy savings programme, it provides savings of 1% till 4% along with rewards if it crosses 30,000 qualified businesses.
  • The corporate programme of US Bank FlexPerks may provide rewards through all of the employee cards that contains a package of travel, hotel redemptions and rewards for merchant. At far, this can even be personalised in order to offer corporate incentives as well as individual employee incentives.

These rewards might seem tempting for it has executive benefit. The American express has mentioned on the site of their own that, one of the benefit for sole rewards is that it offers an incentive to make the corporate cards useful for spending in business.

Purchase Power Management

A corporate card makes business expenses easier to handle, but none would want it to be a doorway of non-limited expense. This corporate card functions in such a way that the employees have the purchasing power on themselves, but the owner must be providing with a certain threshold of spending on behalf of company, which should not be crossed by any employed man. The process needs to be done before
the submission of the report which consist of expenses or before auditing of the expenses.

To give an example, the Capital One’s corporate card program manager may set a limit for employees or even make changes to it as and when required. The up rise in the limit is sometimes required for the employees if they are into arranging something huge that may spend huge amount of money.

Integration with Expense Management Systems

The most effective advantage of a corporate card is integration with expense management software, and this is available both to the employees as well as businesses. Concur, which is an expense management tool helps to report payment and integrations that will decrease the expense overhead which is for both sides, employees and business.

In the case of employees, integration helps out them which saves much hour and also inconvenience free. If any job incurred huge amount of expense, the headache that is caused to them is too much. Huge process, to enter and categories the transactions, the scanning of receipts, then managing and auditing through several personal credit cards takes lot of hour and also which is not enough in case of the earned rewards. For the case of employee, the saviour of time from automated categorized dealings and the reports of expense is of absolute value for them.

Tools like Concur have been helpful towards the employees as they can import automatically and categorizing, paying expenses are also done in an automated version. This way clarifies the policy regarding expense and also help the submission of the reports within deadline. The way became most helpful just because of integration.

Reporting and Analytics

The trends of discovery, knowing outliers are one of the most essential part for maintaining the compliance with that of the policy of expense of the company. The corporate card issuers are going to offer tools and reporting for making the user have more understanding on his/her spending and manage that as far as possible. Visit credit calculators blog, here you can use the credit calculators and loan calculators.

The platform of analytics is going to help you to check fraud, abuse and wastage in his/her company. Let me give you an example, if you find out that an employee is adding more amount of excess than actually required while a specific trip, then this platform of analytics will make you known about these added expenditure which may equal to spending in larger cities, or large number of days in that city or booking high quality hotels is not included in the policy.

While comparison of the spending within the set limits, the average spending of your region or the average spending in your company, you may get your own self ensures that the expenses related to the business shouldn’t roll itself as one self granted perks for the employees. Visit credit calculators blog, here you can use the credit calculators and loan calculators.

Additional Benefits

The corporate cards in a way can save much penny in order to cover the employees of a company with travel insurance etc. which in general is given with premium credit cards.

To give an example, the Visa commercial cards have in itself an auto rental collision damage waiver and also provides with much assistance in the case of any cause. If the employees are set to travel across, then this tempting card may add saved penny in the pockets and allow them to have peace in mind. Visit credit calculators blog, here you can use the credit calculators and loan calculators.

To think while standing in the position of an employee, such peaceful job along with these advantages are just amazing. They need not have to worry any more while travelling or renting with their corporate cards, as it provides collision damage waiver if the car meets with an accident is absolutely a tempting perk. Visit credit calculators blog, here you can use the credit calculators and loan calculators.

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Bottom Line

While taking a decision for a particular business whether to provide a corporate credit card or not depends upon the value of business which the corporate credit card offers. Initially, the attractive incentives and rewards adds benefit, but during the growth of the business, the management that the business have on it’s employees spending will finally evaluate the driving value from the provided corporate card accounts. Visit credit calculators blog, here you can use the credit calculators and loan calculators.

The employees who spends on expenditure of the business have the right to make a choice between having and not having corporate card. The reason of the choice depends upon the trade off between the simple usage of corporate card vs. the added incentives of charging the purchases incurred in business on the personal credit cards.

The above article provides you with an idea of what a corporate card is and how one must deal with it. Hopefully, it has helped you know the basic. Visit credit calculators blog, here you can use the credit calculators and loan calculators.

If it has helped you in any way, please leave a comment in the box. Thank you!


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