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The Basic 3 Charges Levied By The Best-known Banks For The Usage Of Debit Card

debit card charges

Debit card charges:

The debit cards are published and issued by banks for allowing it’s customers to deal with their various tasks. The tasks varies from withdrawal of cash from ATM to paying the required amount during the Point of Sale (POS) for paying online which deals with the e-commerce market.

Some of the debit cards are issued by it’s issuers totally without any cost whereas there are few issuers who charge some amount while granting it. The famously known banks – State Bank Of India, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank etc. charges some amount which ranges in between Rs. 200 – Rs. 300, additional to the GST for reissuing the debit card. Thus, these are the debit card charges levied by the issuers if the customers ask for the replacement of debit cards.

Here, we are to discuss about the types of charge which the customers need to pay for the basic services in relation to the debit card (debit card charges).

The first one is the replacement or reissue of Debit card charges. The well-known bank such as HDFC asks for a fee of Rs. 200 in order to serve their customers with reissuance/ replacement of the card.

debit card charges

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The next one which follows is the maintenance charge of the debit card which is levied annually. SBI, annually asks for Rs.125 per year to maintain it’s classic card. A per year charge amounted by ICICI Bank for maintenance of it’s Coral debit card is Rs. 499. The same amount is also charged for joining in with this card. For rest debit cards issued by ICICI Bank, it is free of cost.

The third and the last one is an amount charged for the regeneration of debit card PIN. The SBI levies a charge of Rs.50 along with the additional GST for re inputting PIN for a debit card.

The ICICI Bank levies a charge of Rs. 25 for regenerating the PIN for the debit cards. In accordance to the bank, “ These charges are not applicable if request through Instapin at Branch/Customer Care (IVR)”. The HDFC Bank levies a charge of Rs. 50 for re imputing the ATM PIN for the debit cards. But, the customers are devoid of paying any charge for the generation of instant pin, where the customers prepare their pin setup through net banking or mobile banking.

debit card charges

All the above debit card charges in relation to the 3 subdivisions are exclusive of applicable taxes which the banks have already mentioned quite separately on their own websites. All these above details have been discussed in accordance to the websites of the respective banks.

Thus, in this above article, we came across certain charges which are amounted by different banks for serving their customers on the part of debit cards. Hopefully, the information have been of some use to you. If yes, do not forget to add a comment in the allocated box. Thank you in advance.

Source: The Basic 3 Charges Levied By The Best-known Banks For The Usage Of Debit Card

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